Mechanical Engineering

One of the best Mechanical Engineering colleges in Rajasthan: Jaipur Institute of Engineering and Management

One of the oldest, broadest and largest disciplines of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering uses the principles of mechanics, materials and energy to manufacture & design various devices and machines. It has been acting as the spine of all systems & processes to drive the growth of industry and technology. This branch also foresees the maintenance, manufacturing, design and development of machinery. By choosing this powerful and emerging branch of engineering, students will obtain B.Tech degree from JIEM. Mechanical engineers will be handling different techniques of automation, tools of transportation and means of productions.

Jaipur Institute of Engineering and Management, Rajasthan has highly qualified faculty members known for their disciplined approach and excellent teaching methodology. All the students receive accurate workshop training in different areas of foundry, sheet-metal, welding, carpentry, fitting, machine shop and others. Being the best Mechanical Engineering college in Rajasthan, we have well-equipped laboratories with specialized equipments to give accurate knowledge on Mechanical subjects through experiments. Our college also organizes various industrial tours for students to widen their exposure for implementing practical approach and theoretical knowledge.

Duration of the course: 4 years

Major career opportunities in the field of Mechanical Engineering:-

  • Thermal Plants
  • Automotive Industries
  • Public sector undertakings
  • Core manufacturing industries

The major laboratories in this department are:-