Electronic & Communication Engineering

One of the best Electronic & Communication Engineering colleges in Rajasthan: Jaipur Institute of Engineering and Management

The present world is incomplete without the advantages of Electronics, as it has led to insightful improvements in various services and products. Electronic & Communication engineering branch mainly concentrates on the study and application of electronic circuits. This brand has multi-disciplinary nature and includes principles of microprocessor, microwaves, robotics, signal processing and telecommunications. By choosing this powerful and emerging branch of engineering, students will obtain B.Tech degree from JIEM. This course gives a pragmatic and holistic view of Electronic & Communication Engineering sphere to the students and helps them in understanding the theories & concepts of this industry. The demand for qualified technocrats in this branch has increased and various positions have opened up in public sector undertakings, electronic product testing laboratories and many others.

Being the best Electronic & Communication Engineering College in Rajasthan, JIEM has highly qualified faculty members known for their disciplined approach and excellent teaching methodology. We encourage our students to have hands-on experience on bread boards and also put emphasis on high-quality knowledge of electronic circuits and devices. Even our laboratories are well-equipped with equipments to impart high-quality education on Electronics & Communication.

Duration of the course: 4 years

Major career opportunities in the field of Electronic & Communication Engineering:-

  • Defence (Air force, Navy and Army)
  • Government sector (PSU)
  • VLSI
  • Software industries
  • Automation & control industries
  • Embedded system design
  • Telecom industries
  • Indian Engineering Services (IES)

The major laboratories in this department are:-