Computer Science and Engineering

One of the best computer engineering colleges in Rajasthan: Jaipur Institute of Engineering and Management

Over the last few years, department of Computer science and engineering has evolved exponentially to match the rising demands of this transitional 21st century. By choosing this powerful and emerging branch of engineering, students will obtain B.Tech degree from JIEM. This particular branch of engineering aims at the development of computer based software and systems. Computer engineers use their intelligence to build supercomputers, workstations and PCs. They are also involved in the creation of different computer based systems that are used in communication networks, phones, electronics, appliances, cars and other products. This particular department is based upon the principles that bridge the gap between computation and information. Our faculty members and students are putting their efforts in different innovative projects to serve the society and industry. We invite all the students to join this engineering field to accomplish new heights in creativity and innovation.

Duration of the course: 4 years

Major career opportunities in the field of Computer Engineering:-

  • Designing developers, Maintenance, Manufacture and Assembly engineers - in IT companies
  • Academics and Research work
  • Career in Networking & Cyber Security, Hardware & Software development
  • Job opportunities in government organizations like BEL, ECIL, ISRO, DRDO and multinational companies like HP, Wipro, TCS, Infosys, Oracle, IBM, Amazon, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft and many others
  • E-commerce specialists, Web Developers and Programmers in various industries such as chemical & power plants, petroleum, aerospace, automotive, telecommunication and many others

The major laboratories in this department are:-